Accommodation arrangements for Ministers, VVIPS and VIPS shall be made at InterContinental Mauritius Resort. However, in view of availability of rooms, this shall be made on a first come first serve basis for other delegates.
Room Availability   
The Ministry shall provide a complimentary room for two nights inclusive of breakfast for only one delegate per organization. In case of two or more delegates, the nominating agency/organisation shall have to bear the cost of accommodation for them.
All delegates would need to bear the cost of incidentals and extension of stay. Extension of stay shall be subject to room availability and the following rates per night shall apply:

InterContinental Mauritius Resort: Rs5, 000 (Single Room) 
La Plantation Hotel: Rs 3, 390 (Single Room) 
Le Meridien Hotel: Rs 4, 200 (Single Room) 
Le Maritim Hotel: Rs 4, 450 (Single Room).
The Ministry shall arrange for room reservations for the two (2) complimentary nights, at any one of the above mentioned hotels.  
Airport Transfers and Transfer from Hotel to Conference Venue  
The Ministry shall provide for transport from airport to hotel and from hotel to the Conference Venue where applicable.